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5cb7e9edeaa4ef559e3a829cac4608b3Next week or the week after the big attic renovation will start. We want to turn it into a workspace/guestroom, so I am pinning the days away on Pinterest. The only thing that we decided on already are our VELUX windows. We wanted two big windows so that the room could be filled with light. We will let the roof workers take care of the windows and then it is up to us. A blank space that can be filled with only pretty things, I can not wait!!!
The fun part is choosing the materials, the floors, colour of the walls, the furniture,…. but it’s also hard. I change my mind daily, but the following pictures are my main inspiration…

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pics from Pinterest | VELUX windows


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  1. Oh veel succes! Hier zijn de grootste werken achter de rug, nog wat kleine details (badkamer en elektriciteit ????) en we zijn klaar. Het was heftig, maar het was het ook dubbel en dik waard!

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