Liesbet | Cocooning with Phytosun


During these cold and dark days in december, it feels pleasant to stay indoors, frilling around and engage in home work, playtime, chores, and a bunch of other things around the house. The boys love to read comic books or watch cartoons and the girls are obsessed with singing and dancing. Our house is minimally decorated, but I always try to create a warm and calming atmosphere- to counter our busy lives and schedules. I tend to diffuse essential oils to complement this ambience.  Since they all have sniffy noses, I opt for the complex ‘breathing’ from Phytosun.  It clears the airways with the Essential Oil of Eucalyptus radiata, Silver Fir and Lemon. It has an expectorant effect and cleans the room for better breathing. My family really benefits from this oil and the Phytosun Mauna Diffuser.

If you are interested in trying this Phytosun Mauna Diffuser and the Breathing complex in your family, I have good news for you! Phytosun offers to let me give away one Mauna diffuser and one Breathing complex! Here’s what you need to do:


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The winner will be selected on the 16th of December 2019. Good luck!

What’s more, with code ‘MeschichisPhyto19’, you get an additional discount of 6 euros (on top of the current discount) on the Phytosun Mauna Diffuser, if you order it here! Maybe a nice idea for a holiday gift? Happy shopping!

Liesbet | A fresh touch with Bulo

As we are still settling in our ‘new’ home (well, we’re already living here 1,5 years!), we are still not buying a lot of new furniture or decor. We wanted to really live here first, before we would decide what we, and this house, needed. Also, time has been flying by, and because of work, 4 kids with their own schedules of school, sports and other hobbies, …we did not have many spare moments to actually sit and think about new items for our home. Anyways, we are happy we stumbled upon these new Bulo chairs, because they complement the style of our interior very well: minimal, sleek and easy on the eyes. Since our lives tend to be quite busy, we opt for a quiet home with preferably no clutter nor messes (I must admit that is of course not always possible since, you know, 4 kids, ha!). Moreover, the furniture we do choose, has to be classy and functional at the same time. Bulo did a splendid job with the new SLL18 style, based upon the design of the Belgian architect Léon Stynen in 1957: same comfort and stackability, but a new kind of material. In this household, with a lot of sticky fingers, a wipeable surface is always a plus! Hereby a few images of the Bulo chairs in our place…

By Liesbet


Katleen | microneedling @Valerie

I often get complimented because of my rather young appearance and girlfriends ask if I had any botox done – which I have not and do not intend to… Having a baby face sure does help, but given the recent developments in the age department, I thougt I really had to do something about beginning lines, wrinkles, etc. Since several years, I’m a loyal patient of Valerie, she makes sure my lashes are on point every 3 weeks and it was her who told me about microneedling. Simply put, microneedling is the insertion of very fine short needles into the skin, for the purposes of rejuvenation. It makes the skin look more radiant but you do need to repeat the treatment on a monthly basis. Also essential is to take care of your skin after the procedure and pair it with the right products. Of course Valerie has all of those. She uses this technique on several clients with very good results. Microneedling can also reduce cellulite, scars, sun damage etc. It is not painless but no pain no gain right?! If you want to make an appointment, you can find Valerie here and here.

Ik krijg vaak complimentjes dat ik er nog jong uitzie, of vriendinnen vragen of ik Botox heb gebruikt – wat niet het geval is, en wat ik ook niet van plan ben… Op deze leeftijd helpt het wel om een babyface te hebben, al vond ik dat het toch tijd was om iets te doen aan die fijne lijntjes en rimpeltjes en vermoeide huid. Ik ben al jaren goede klant bij Valerie, die ervoor zorgt dat mijn wimpers elke 3 weken op punt staan en het was zij die me vertelde over microneedling. Eenvoudig uitgelegd is microneedling een procedure waarbij heel fijne naaldjes je huid doordringen, om je huid te verjongen. Het maakt je huid stralend en vervaagt lijntjes, maar je moet het wel maandelijks herhalen. Ook moet je na de behandeling je gezicht goed verzorgen met de juiste producten. Maar Valerie heeft deze natuurlijk allemaal. Ze gebruikt deze techniek nu al op verschillende patiënten, met heel goede resultaten. Microneedling kan ook cellulitis verminderen, alsook littekens, beschadigingen door de zon etc. Het is zeker niet pijnloos, maar wie mooi wil zijn moet pijn lijden, niet?! Als je een afspraak wenst te maken, dan kan je Valerie hier en hier vinden.


Katleen @kowaleen

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