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96BC14FA-F712-48E4-A6F7-3241073C43C3On popular demand… My skincare routine.

Two years ago I’ve suffered from severe adult acne. I tried many things, but it was the YUN probiotica treatment that helped me to get rid of it. You can see how my skin looked HERE. After the acne comes the healing and it was at that point I decided to never ever use any products with chemicals in it and so my search began. It took me over a year to find the right products. It was all about trial and error. An important thing to know is that I did not buy all products at once. Not only because of the money, but because I wanted to be sure to invest in the right products. Anne, owner of my go to shop (BIOTYLAB) for all my organic beauty products stood by me and helped a lot in my quest.

So here I go.
Let’s begin with my morning routine.
When I get up I start with drinking a glass of water. Afterwards I brush my teeth with the Dr. Bronner’s toothpaste with the 30 Second Smile Tooth Brush.


After the teeth I clean my skin with the Alex Carro Facial Cleanser. Depending on the time of year I use the Alex Carro Face Cream (in summer) or when I feel my skin is itchy and dry I add some drops of the Trilogy Organic Rosehip Oil or the Alex Carro Balancing Face Oil. I roll the cream or cream+oil into my skin with the Likami Jade Roller.

Afterwards I spray some Trilogy Hydrating Mist Toner. I also use the toner during the day to refresh and hydrate my skin (especially when I’m exposed to airconditioning). I do not use foundation on my whole face anymore but I love the RMS ‘Un’ Cover Up Concealer & Foundation to cover up some spots.


While the kids take a bath in the evening and I do not have to leave the house again, I clean my face with the Trilogy Make-up Be Gone Cleansing Balm, this one cleans a bit more deeply than the gel I use in the morning. 3 nights a week I apply a mask. These 3 masks are in rotation here : The Grown Alchemist Deep Cleansing Mask, the Mádara SOS Hydra Moisture + mask and the Mádara Brightening AHA Peel Mask. After that I use 3 drops of the Likami Essential Oil serum in combination with the Allex Caro face cream, which I roll into my skin again with the Likami Jade roller for about 5 minutes.



375DD692-3D6F-439F-9E11-062E7BB66DFF30787A97-0EC7-4E9C-B56C-78DA63EAB8C8A few other things I can not live with anymore are :


And for the littles:


All products are linked above. Most of them you can find at BIOTYLAB.

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Liesbet | Summer in Iglo & Indi



It’s been a while since we got to focus on one of our favorite brands for kids: Iglo & Indi. It’s a unique Icelandic brand, all about crisp colors, unique prints and playfulness. We ordered a few items for this summer season, and I must say it never lets us down! The girls look way cute in their frilly dresses with embroidered stars. Also, they got to wear their favorites for a family communion celebration, with beads, sparkles and gold. Being the girly girls they are, they want to wear these over and over! A little recap of the styles we got:

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Isabel | celebrate

B1E82B0F-EABC-4F22-9539-D4FB34B805DCAls afsluiter van onze food challenge, werden we door het Danone team uitgenodigd op een heerlijke brunch. De locatie was prachtig zoals jullie kunnen zien op de foto’s. Een tent gevuld met lekkers en leuk gezelschap. Een fijn moment om allemaal samen eens terug te blikken op hoe wij de challenge ervaarden. Kortom, we hadden een geweldige ochtend, kijken met een warm gevoel terug op dit project en zijn nog steeds bewuster bezig met wat er door het mondje gaat. Danku, Danone.

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(in samenwerking met Danone)



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