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IMG_7938Yes, it has been a while that we changed something in our living area, but the next step in creating our dream living room is a fact. We got rid of the grey sofa and opted for a white one from IKEA with removable covers. That last thing was a real must, white is fragile and we do have little kids. The white sure brightens up our living room and I could not be happier about that. It is a perfect match with the soft off white carpet we found at Online Tapijten and the pink Heytens curtains. The kids love to sit on the ground so a soft and warm carpet was in order.
We also ordered a Bemz (a company who only makes IKEA covers and curtains) loose linen cover for this IKEA Söderhamn sofa and I will show you the result of that very soon!!
Would you go for a white sofa or do you think it is too risky?

IMG_7928 IMG_7929IMG_7942IMG_7939 IMG_7942IMG_7940IMG_7937 IMG_7933IMG_7931IMG_7929 IMG_7932Credits — 

IKEA Söderhamn sofa // Carpet – Online Tapijten // Curtains Heytens

Photography — 

Pictures taken by Isabel with NIKON D7200


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  1. Het is erg mooi geworden. Zo’n tapijt staat al lang op mijn wenslijstje hihihi

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