Isabel | SKI at Hotel Cristal

Last year we did not go skiing and we regretted it big time. We knew we did not wanted to miss out this season and we already booked our hotel in September. Ha! As the kids are still little and not able to ski all day, we wanted a hotel with a spa and pool area, where we could hang out after their ski lessons or before dinner. As much as I love the snow, I do hate to carry the ski gear (and the kids’ ) all around town, so a second condition was that the hotel needed to be situated ON the slopes, the beautiful mountain view is a bonus!  We want to spend time with our children and not let them hang out in a ski day care all day. Yes, that does mean that we, as parents, will not be able to ski that much, but in a few years that will change. For now, we want to enjoy every minute of and with them. We did a lot of research, asked many people if they knew a good hotel, which is family friendly but without all that ‘let’s do a club dance’ etc… And yes, we found it, HOTEL CRISTAL in Italy, which is also knows for it’s amazing food. BONUS, Italian food, YAY! When we checked the hotel, we were blown away about the accommodation. That outdoor swimming pool. So Good! Maybe we should start to learn to play golf and we can also go there in Summer!

After we booked our stay, I started to look for the proper winter gear. As always, ALEX AND ALEXA came to the rescue with their wide range of winter gear. The kids tested their outfits a few weeks ago, it was a bit too warm for the puff jackets, but the cashmere sweater and dress were perfect for a soft Autum afternoon. I think it is safe to say that we are totally ready!

DSC_6126DSC_6086DSC_6073DSC_6007DSC_6023DSC_6017 DSC_6062  Credits —

outfits via ALEX AND ALEXA

Photography and styling —

Isabel with NIKON D7200

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