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6793C176-3210-4B4E-B955-60B923E74FC3Spring is in full swing, but I find myself thinking a lot about our last ski trip. We had such a great week with just the four of us. No rush, no chicken run in the morning, just  us enjoying each other and the slopes. We stayed at Hotel Cristal for the second time and it was yet again amazing. I would kill for that breakfast buffet, really. The littles made friends and as they are a bit older now, they went to the playroom after dinner with their new friends while Walter and I could enjoy the rest of our dinner in peace…

We spend most of our day on the slopes or playing in the snow, followed by a swim/sauna session. Jules and Jeanne love to ski as much as we do, and that, that just makes me so happy. Being on the slopes all together, well, I’ve been dreaming about that moment ever since I was pregnant with Jules, and it was even better than I imagined.

Thank you Hotel Cristal for the great stay and service, we really feel like we are part of the family.


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Parka Isabel WOOLRICH | kids sunglasses IZIPIZI | Outfit Isabel on terrace LES SOEURS 


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