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Every year when the leaves start to fall, we book our ski holiday. Something we all are feeling pretty excited about! We do have to wait until the first week of April, but we got something really good to look forward to.
Jeanne is still too small to ski all day long therefor we booked the same hotel as we did last year. We can enjoy ourselves in the afternoon in the wellness area and swimminpool or take a walk in town while the boys are on the slopes.
The kids loved it there and who can blame them? We can not wait to meet everyone again, because yes, once you went to Hotel Cristal you feel like you a part of their family.
I already ordered their ski coats (something I was a bit late with last year). Excited much? Me? Ha! Someone better stop me!

IMG_5831IMG_9042IMG_5841IMG_5828IMG_9043IMG_5770 IMG_5856Credits 

Hotel Cristal | Ski coats, hats and scards GUGGUU

Pictures taken with NIKON D7200 

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