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As we are still settling in our ‘new’ home (well, we’re already living here 1,5 years!), we are still not buying a lot of new furniture or decor. We wanted to really live here first, before we would decide what we, and this house, needed. Also, time has been flying by, and because of work, 4 kids with their own schedules of school, sports and other hobbies, …we did not have many spare moments to actually sit and think about new items for our home. Anyways, we are happy we stumbled upon these new Bulo chairs, because they complement the style of our interior very well: minimal, sleek and easy on the eyes. Since our lives tend to be quite busy, we opt for a quiet home with preferably no clutter nor messes (I must admit that is of course not always possible since, you know, 4 kids, ha!). Moreover, the furniture we do choose, has to be classy and functional at the same time. Bulo did a splendid job with the new SLL18 style, based upon the design of the Belgian architect Léon Stynen in 1957: same comfort and stackability, but a new kind of material. In this household, with a lot of sticky fingers, a wipeable surface is always a plus! Hereby a few images of the Bulo chairs in our place…

By Liesbet


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