Katleen | Bobo Choses at Pepatino

Bobo Choses – Guess Who’s Coming For Breakfast… is amazeballs! Such a fun and colorful collection, the kids LOVE it and it makes us craving for summer!!  We have been Bobo fans since day one, so every time a new collection arrives, we have to get our Bobo-fix fast! We got ours at Pepatino, cause they have the best and fastest service! So… have you chosen your pieces yet?

Bobo Choses – Guess Who’s Coming For Breakfast… is geweldig!  Zo’n leuke en kleurrijke collectie, de kids zijn er dol op en het maakt ons nog meer verlangen naar de zomer!! Wij zijn al Bobo fans vanaf het prille begin, dus elke keer een nieuwe collectie verschijnt, willen we onze Bobo-fix en snel!  Wij hebben onze stukken van Pepatino, net omdat zij de beste en snelste service hebben!  Hebben jullie jullie stukken al gekozen?

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All clothes from Pepatino, socks Jerome Goldfish, mocks Remi Minimocks.

Styling and photography–


Katleen | My week NOT on Instagram

Here goes… my week NOT on Instagram! It started all with Sinterklaas (Saint Nicholas)…  We had put some milk and cookies for the Saint and 3 little shoes were lined up with carrots and sugar for his horse. Next day, the littles all got what they asked for – of course – cause they had been good!  Read more about the story behind the pictures below. All kidsclothes are from Pepatino.Mwordmag | My week not on IG Mwordmag | My week not on IG Mwordmag | My week not on IG Mwordmag | My week not on IG Mwordmag | My week not on IG Mwordmag | My week not on IG Mwordmag | My week not on IG Mwordmag | My week not on IG Mwordmag | My week not on IG Mwordmag | My week not on IG Mwordmag | My week not on IG

1)  we set everything up for Sinterklaas.

2) & 3) Lilou is playing dress-up ALL the time: this time she was a bunny, with her hat from “Zwarte Piet” she made in school. You can find her dress here at Pepatino.

4) Jerome and Lilou have played with their Play-doh all day every day since they got in from Saint Nicholas! They made tiny cakes for each other, yum!

5) & 6) Jerome became sick real soon after Saint Nicholas, so he had to stay home. Poor little man was so sad and feeling miserable, so he could play on the Ipad as much as he wanted… almost. We just have Netflix installed on our devices, so he was happy!! You can find his cool Emile et Ida sweater here. And his leggings are from Krijtwit.

7) Remi enjoyed the wooden Ikea train! He’s wearing a tee from Dis Une Couleur at Pepatino.

8) I had a lot of schoolwork this week… and I mean A LOT!

9) We went to the presentation of the pre-spring collection of Sessùn in Brussels with Mwordmag.  It was amazing and we had a blast!  How about those beautiful flower crowns?!

10) Remi is such a cuddly little cookie, and we LOVE his open mouth kisses, ha!

11) Lilou waiting outside to go to the cinema with her auntie and her niece.  She adores spending time with them, she was so excited that she had to wait outside-the girl knows what she wants! Luckily she had this fab beanie to stay warm!



Guest post | Anja Whitworth – Holidays in the city

We met Anja trough Instagram, and we fell in love with her amazing style, her cutest son Simon, and her fab pics of her little family in the city of Chicago. She has her ways with words too… each picture is introduced with the funniest and most clever caption. When we asked her to write a piece for our blog, we were so delighted she said YES! So… sit down, relax, and enjoy her beautiful pictures and story about Christmas in Chicago.

We hebben Anja leren kennen via Instagram en we zijn helemaal verliefd op haar mooie stijl, haar schattige zoontje Simon en haar geweldige foto’s van haar familie in Chicago. Ze kan ook heel goed overweg met woorden… elke foto die ze post wordt ingeleid met de grappigste en slimste commentaren.  Toen we haar vroegen om een stukje te schrijven voor onze blog, waren we superblij dat ze JA zei! Ga rustig zitten, relax en geniet van haar mooie foto’s en haar verhaal over Kerst in Chicago.

Hi, my name is Anja, and I love Christmas……

But when does it all usually begin… some say July, but really, I guess once the leaves start turning colors, it is their redness  that bashfully announces what lies ahead. And then we wait and wait, scrunching our eyes at store displays for weeks to finally ease into it come November. To say “ok, I am ready, throw at me all the Santas, snowmen and reindeer possible, with all this music, with all the wreaths and lights”, it is allowable, it is finally happening, yay!

Someone once said, Christmas is not a date, it is a state of mind. And it has begun. Right after Thanksgiving. We entered this glorious state of mind through the gate of merit and gratitude, and how perfect is that, really?! I mean, to have such a star-studded line up of holidays, some lucky ducks these Americans… I am polish and the thanksgiving holiday is still relatively new to me, but I clenched to idea behind it instantly. To thank for what we have, to focus on substance, just before the craziness of getting fogs us with distractions, we are reminded of the light, the core, and reflect on it with gratitude. What a good prep for the holiday season, how amazing is it really, how perfect?!  Simply brilliant.

Brilliant and perfectly timed, because it is easy to get lost in the cotton snow, sparking lights and red bows, gosh the red bows and the green pine!!! To submerge in the notes of “chestnuts roasting on the open fire”, and shop, get, stock up, pile, pucker, collect and gather. But thankfulness – still fresh in the hearts  – retells the Christmas story.  Its magic comes not from provisions, not in the package, it is already here. It is already happening, in miracles of warmer hearts, eager smiles, generous deeds and open doors. It is here, upon us, in us. And it will go by too quickly, leave us hungry for more, leaves us too soon.

So let’s buckle our seatbelts, tightly with our Christmas décor galore and enjoy the ride, because Christmas is here again, and it fills our hearts with mercy and love, like always, and we are here to experience it, together, submit into its spell, and be merry and that is a whole lot to be thankful for, all the way through January. Loading the love batteries has begun.

Mwordmag |Anja Whitworth Mwordmag |Anja Whitworth Mwordmag |Anja Whitworth Mwordmag |Anja Whitworth Mwordmag |Anja Whitworth Mwordmag |Anja Whitworth Mwordmag |Anja Whitworth Mwordmag |Anja Whitworth

Thanks so much Anja, for sharing your beautiful story with us!

You can follow Anja on her Instagram here!

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