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Katleen | Changes in the living room part 1

Mwordmag|changes in the living room

I have been thinking about making some changes to our living room for quite a while now and now we finally pulled through.  Last week I already showed you some photos of our trip to IKEA.  You all know that I LOVE light and the beige sofa we had was annoying me.  I just thought it made the living room look all beige (with the wooden floors) and it made that part of the room quite dark. So, last week we went to IKEA and I found the sofa(s) that was on my wishlist for a long time.  We chose for the Kivik white couch and below you can see a couple of ‘after’ pictures.  I know it is quite a risk choosing white with 3 little kids, but the good thing is that we can wash ALL the fabric of this sofa. I noticed that I was very very suspicious the first day the couches were installed, but I realized soon enough that I had to let it go, haha! Below you can see a couple of pictures of the situation before, some inspirational photos for the white sofa I had in mind and the living room how it is now. I’m thinking I need some colored pillows for the sofa, but plain, without print.  Do you guys have any tips?

Ik wil al een tijdje wat veranderingen aanbrengen in onze woonkamer en nu hebben we eindelijk doorgezet.  Vorige week heb ik al wat foto’s getoond van onze trip naar IKEA. Jullie weten allemaal dat ik hou van licht en de beige sofa was al een tijdje een serieuze doorn in mijn ogen.  Die zetel zorgde ervoor dat heel de living “beige” was (in combinatie met de houten vloer) en hij was ook te donker.  Daarom zijn we vorige week naar IKEA gegaan en ik vond daar de sofa(s) die al lang op mijn wishlist stonden.  We kozen voor de Kivik witte zetel en hieronder kunnen jullie een aantal ‘na’ foto’s zien.  Ik weet dat het riskant is om wit te kiezen wanneer je 3 kids hebt maar het goede is wel dat we alles van deze sofa kunnen wassen.  Ik moet zeggen dat ik de eerste dagen nogal nerveus was, de kids en de witte zetel…, maar ik realiseerde me snel dat ik het allemaal moet loslaten, haha! Hieronder kan je een aantal foto’s zien van de situatie vroeger, een aantal inspiratie fotos voor de witte zetel die ik in gedachten had en de woonkamer hoe ze er nu uitziet. Ik ben nu op zoek naar gekleurde kussens, maar effen, zonder print.  Hebben jullie hiervoor misschien tips?

Mwordmag / livingroom

Mwordmag|changes in the living room Mwordmag|changes in the living room

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Katleen | My week NOT on Instagram

Here goes… my week NOT on Instagram! It started all with Sinterklaas (Saint Nicholas)…  We had put some milk and cookies for the Saint and 3 little shoes were lined up with carrots and sugar for his horse. Next day, the littles all got what they asked for – of course – cause they had been good!  Read more about the story behind the pictures below. All kidsclothes are from Pepatino.Mwordmag | My week not on IG Mwordmag | My week not on IG Mwordmag | My week not on IG Mwordmag | My week not on IG Mwordmag | My week not on IG Mwordmag | My week not on IG Mwordmag | My week not on IG Mwordmag | My week not on IG Mwordmag | My week not on IG Mwordmag | My week not on IG Mwordmag | My week not on IG

1)  we set everything up for Sinterklaas.

2) & 3) Lilou is playing dress-up ALL the time: this time she was a bunny, with her hat from “Zwarte Piet” she made in school. You can find her dress here at Pepatino.

4) Jerome and Lilou have played with their Play-doh all day every day since they got in from Saint Nicholas! They made tiny cakes for each other, yum!

5) & 6) Jerome became sick real soon after Saint Nicholas, so he had to stay home. Poor little man was so sad and feeling miserable, so he could play on the Ipad as much as he wanted… almost. We just have Netflix installed on our devices, so he was happy!! You can find his cool Emile et Ida sweater here. And his leggings are from Krijtwit.

7) Remi enjoyed the wooden Ikea train! He’s wearing a tee from Dis Une Couleur at Pepatino.

8) I had a lot of schoolwork this week… and I mean A LOT!

9) We went to the presentation of the pre-spring collection of Sessùn in Brussels with Mwordmag.  It was amazing and we had a blast!  How about those beautiful flower crowns?!

10) Remi is such a cuddly little cookie, and we LOVE his open mouth kisses, ha!

11) Lilou waiting outside to go to the cinema with her auntie and her niece.  She adores spending time with them, she was so excited that she had to wait outside-the girl knows what she wants! Luckily she had this fab beanie to stay warm!



Liesbet | Let’s crawl under a blanket

Winter days and nights call for cozyness, cuddles and warmth. Well, the Sture and Folke blankets provide just that and more. We received this blanket as a gift, and our little family is in LOVE with it. The baby sleeps in it and the boys crawl under it to watch cartoons. It goes everywhere with us, in this house, and outside. Not just because it is so beautiful and has so much attention to detail, it has a sweet story behind it as well. Karin made these as a result of her wanting to give her own two sons, Sture and Folke, the warmest and softest baby blanket in which to sleep. She tried so hard to find something special that was not only warm and cozy but also playful and beautiful. She gave up searching and decided to make them herself.  And boy, what an outstanding job she did! If you are still looking for the perfect Christmas gift for a baby, a toddler or for a whole family, this is it!

Koude winterdagen en -nachten vragen om gezelligheid, knuffels en warmte. De Sture & Folke dekentjes zijn ideaal hiervoor. We kregen dit deken als geschenk, en ons gezin is er verliefd op. Baby Lucille slaapt ermee en de jongens kruipen eronder om tekenfilms te kijken. Het gaat overal met ons mee, binnen dit huis en erbuiten. Niet alleen omdat het zo mooi is en zoveel oog heeft voor detail, maar ook omdat er zo’n lief verhaal achter schuilt. Karin maakte deze dekentjes voor haar zoontjes, Sture en Folke. Ze wou hen een zacht en warm deken geven om in te slapen. Omdat ze niets vond dat zowel warm en knus, als speels en mooi was, besloot ze ze zelf te maken. En wauw, wij zijn onder de indruk van de kwaliteit die ze levert. Als je nog steeds op zoek bent naar het ideale Kerstgeschenk voor een baby, een kleuter of een gezin, dan hebben wij het voor jou gevonden!

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Sture &  Folke blanket Mini Rodini playsuit on baby Lucille from Springstof.euFerm Living basket from TheShopminimocks on baby L from Minimoccs Petra

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